Save Money with Early Crop Stress Detection

Monitoring fields and surveying crop conditions via the naked eye are challenging for farmers, especially who are managing large-scale fields. It is hard to find the exact point of crop damage by walking through fields or flying a drone and even by taking look at satellite imagery since not every farmer is an interpreter of […]

The cropinno team is at AgraME

The Cropinno team is at AgraME (Agra Middle East) from October 25th to the 26th, 2022. If you’re attending the event at Dubai World Trade Center, UAE, let’s have a chat and say hello to us at +971582588406   AgraME is the largest agriculture trade show in the Middle East gathers experts from around the […]

Farm Facts About Potato

Farm Facts about Potato

The potato is the fourth most important and crucial non-cereal crop, only after rice, corn, and wheat, which makes the world’s main food supply. The water content of the starchy vegetable is estimated to be around 80%, and a long, cool season is the optimal situation for its growth. Native potatoes (most of which are […]

Drought in Canadian Farms

Drought in Canadian Farms

Nothing grows without water, and that is just the fact of life. It is 2022; The world is depending on Canada, the world’s breadbasket, to increase the wheat and canola crops this year in order to reduce food inflation brought on by the Russia-Ukraine war. However, Canadian farmers may experience another drought this year. Over […]

The Name Origin & Other Facts about Canola

Interesting Facts about Canola

Canola is a type of rapeseed that was developed in Canada in the 1970s through plant breeding. Canola plants may grow to be two to six feet tall and produce beautiful yellow blossoms. Each blossom develops a pod that contains canola seeds. These seeds are used to produce the popular canola cooking oil and canola meal, […]

How did we get to modern agriculture?

How did we get to modern agriculture?

What is now known as modern agriculture was extraordinarily effective in supplying the world’s expanding population with food throughout the second part of the twentieth century. Primary crop yields, such as those of rice and wheat, grew considerably, food prices dropped, crop yield increases typically kept up with population expansion, and the segment of the population who […]

A Brief History of Farming

A Brief History of Farming

Farming is a huge industry, a great contributor to economy and a way of life for many around the globe. It is true that this career faces many challenges today. Climate change, soil erosion & water scarcity have affected the way that both massive agricultural enterprises and small organic farmers used to run their business. Agriculture […]

Satellite monitoring: From Growth Stages to the Best Corn Harvest Date

Identifying Best Corn Harvest Date

We began our journey, in Cropinno, with an idea to increase the efficiency of agricultural lands and hoping to assist farmers by implementing precision agriculture solutions that work with satellite imagery. Satellite remote sensing technology is able to obtain very useful information about the condition and growth of various agricultural products by sending and receiving […]

How to Grow the Best Corn?

Instructions to grow the best corn

Corn is one of the most adaptable commodities on the market. It is the most important feed grain in the United States, accounting for more than 95 percent of production and use in animal husbandry. Over 32,300 farmers in Canada reported growing 1.63 million hectares of corn (corn for grain, corn for silage, and sweet […]

An Ecological Approach to Weeds & Weed Control

ecological approach to weed control

Weeds are widely regarded as the most expensive factor to fight against in agriculture. Weeds cause more damage to agricultural fields than insect pests, rodents, birds, plant pathogens, and root-feeding nematodes combined, costing farmers and crops alike. Since many countries’ organic agriculture principles and rules prohibit the use of most herbicides, many organic farmers consider the […]