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Powered by satellite data & AI technology


We Make Farming Easy & Efficient

Precise Data

Using satellite imagery & AI to provide reliable data about an agricultural area and different crop indices.


Images are updated every 3-5 days by every pass of satellite over the area, satellite images of past 6 months is processed.

Save Time & Money

Manage time efficiently, Increase yield, Reduce the costs of production inputs

In Detail

Each hectare is divided into 100 equal spots for a more specific analysis & accurate detection of problems.


The Technology that Benefits the Planet

Less Water Consumption​

By monitoring crop moisture levels, an agricultural land will benefit from better water resource management.

Food Security​

Sustainable farming helps to ensure food supply chain is running smoothly and brings better food security for now and the future.

Optimizing production input

Knowing when & where to use inputs (fertilizers & pesticides) keeps excessive chemicals from leaching into the ground and groundwater.

Less carbon footprint

Soil carbon storage is directly related to CO2 emissions. By better crop rotation strategies, soil is less stressed & carbon footprint of farm activities is considerably controlled.

Our services

Designed as a Solution to Your Farm Management Problems


Monitor your crop conditions & potential issues that could damage the crop & affect total yield.


Visualized data of specific crop indices over the curve that shows both the current condition and past data.


Preicision agriculture helps you to do the right thing at the right time in the right place at your farm.

Activity Logs

Information log about all activities carried out on field which allows you to keep track of all relevant information integrated with other data.


Essential data of the current weather & forecasting of upcoming days helps you to make better decisions.


All-in-one accessible information that enables you to make smarter data-driven decisions.


If you have a question or need any help, feel free to leave a ticket and ask for support. our experts are ready to answer your questions ASAP.

Smart Alarms

Automated alarms will warn you about abnormal changes and any Deviation from the standards of crop conditions. Customized alarms can be set too.

It’s easy to use.

Draw your field on the mapMonitor plant indicesAnalyze satellite imagery

Experience Farm Management Abilities

Do you want to have a profitable farm?!

You can check out your management dashboard and all the information about your field anywhere and anytime on our web-based software.

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A Farmer Story

Our Clients Say

We share our customers stories about their challenges in their area. These stories are about customers requirements and the different solutions that is provided by Cropinno, an AI-powered decision support tool for agriculture.


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