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Cropinno is a cloud-based Agri-tech platform powered by satellite and AI Technology focused on helping farmers and crop growers with innovative decision-support tools to frequently monitor and increase profitability of fields.

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We are enabling farmers with reliable and cost-effective information to prepare their farms for the future.
What We Do
What We Do

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Satellite Imagery

Earth Observation satellites are always watching our planet from space and continuously provide Images.

Recieve Raw Data

We recieve satellite raw data from providers and archive them in our data processing servers.

Process and Analyze

We process and analyze satellite data by our unique algorithm and special tools to extract analytical insights customized to the fields

User Dashboard

All this information is available in our user’s dashboard via Cropinno web-service on Computer or phone.
Quality of services

We are fast and

Cropinno Allows you to monitor your crops remotely updating in 3 to 5 days, find your field’s problem spots as accurate as 10 meters.
Quality of services

We save your time and money

Cropinno allows you to apply variable rate fertilizer, optimize your cost and time, and many more.

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Monitor your crop growth, health, stress, biomass, and greenness, damage from diseases and pests and potential issues affecting yield in near real-time.


visualized data of specific indices of your crop over the curve shows you the comparison of the current condition and past data. You can monitor how your crop is developing.

Smart Alarms

automated alarms will warn you about abnormal changes and any Deviation from the standards of crop conditions. Also, you can set customized alarms based on variables.


We combine satellite imagery with user-generated field data to recommend doing the right thing at the right time in the right place in the right way.

Activity Logs

Recording all the information about the activities carried out on your field allows you to keep track of all relevant information integrated with other data. you will never forget any activity.


Essential data of the current weather and meteorological conditions of your region and forecasting of upcoming days for making better decision on crop production.


all-in-one in your dashboard you can use information to optimize and reduce your use of agrichemical and make data-driven decisions as well as protecting the environment.


Please feel free to leave a ticket and ask for support or any other help, our experts are ready to answer you questions as soon as possible. we have special offers for your crop.
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you can check out your management dashboard and all the information about your field any where and any time on our online web-based software.
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Enjoy your farming by Cropinno!

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