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A Solution to Your Productivity Problems

Precise Data

Gain a bird's-eye view of high-resolution and spectral infrared images invisible to the naked eye.


Images are updated every 2-5 days by every pass of the satellites over your field.

Easy to Use

Gain instant insights through easily interpretable color-coded maps.

In Detail

Zoom in to obtain detailed data on every acre. Explore and compare multiple indices.


The Technology that Benefits the Planet

Reduce Water Use​

By monitoring crop moisture levels, Cropinno helps farmers improve their water resource management.

Food Security​

Sustainable farming ensures the food supply chain is robust and improves food security now and in the future.

Optimize Inputs

Knowing when and where to use inputs, keeps excessive chemicals from leaching into the ground and groundwater.

Less carbon footprint

Soil carbon storage links to CO2 emissions. Improved crop management cuts a farm’s carbon footprint significantly.

Our services

Designed as a Solution to Your Productivity Problems

Satellite Imagery

Actionable Insights

data Organization


Provided by the world’s leading satellite manufacturers, our platform offers diverse vegetation indices, enabling early detection of problematic spots on your farms to take care.



Harness the power of cutting-edge AI technology to gain actionable insights and make informed decisions that maximize your farm’s productivity and prevent yield losses.



Effortlessly organize your vital farm data on our intuitive platform, empowering you to track and optimize operations, and drive sustainable success all in one.


Experience Farm Management Abilities

Do you want to have a profitable farm?!

You can check out your management dashboard and all the information about your field anywhere and anytime on our web-based software.

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