Satellite Monitoring

Any non-uniformity over your land may be the sign of a particular problem or stress that your crop is dealing with. If the situation continues, you will probably experience productivity rates much lower than expected. By monitoring the satellite-provided data & comparing it over a timeline, you can prevent that.

Stress detection alert

Monitoring fields continuously and detecting crop problems like nutrient deficiency, insufficient or excessive irrigation, pest damage, and diseases at the right time are challenging and time-consuming for farmers. Early detection of plant stress can significantly reduce plant treatment costs and protect the entire crop. Cropinno stress detection alert can analyze your fields regularly to detect the stress spots at the start point so that you can take action before any crop loss.

Agriculture Weather Data

Many farmers are looking for optimizing the consumption of their own agricultural inputs to minimize their costs and maximize their yield. Having real-time, accurate and local information about weather conditions, affecting the soil and the crops is essential for precision agriculture.  Also Weather forecasting for seven future days, can help farmers to plan for many day-to-day decisions. Details of weather information includes:

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Recording the farmland issues can help farmers plan and make accurate decisions. The Cropinno scouting service develops for farmers and agronomists to record their observations by taking photos and notes to manage field activities smartly. 

Variable rate fertilizer recommendation

One of the common problems of farmers is choosing the right fertilizer based on their soil and plant requirements. Variable rate fertilizer recommendation facilitates observing, measuring, and responding to variable needs in crops. This system realizes field nutrient management based on soil properties capacity, agricultural production level, and crop target yield. 

Productivity map

The soil of your field is not equal in physical and chemical characteristics in all regions so plants can not grow equally well in different zones of your field. By taking look at the history of your fields, you can make plans and decisions accurately. The productivity map helps you identify low and high fertility spots in your field, which is based on historical NDVI data from the past 6 to 7 years. 

Crop Mapping (Classification)

The crop mapping product prepares an inventory of what was grown in certain areas of a district and when. It could foster smarter decision-making for investors, advisors, suppliers, insurance companies and governmental bodies.

Change Detection

The change detection product is based on remote sensing technology and identifies changes between scenes of the same location (field) acquired at different times.

Our Pricing Table

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