The Cropinno team is at AgraME (Agra Middle East) from October 25th to the 26th, 2022. If you’re attending the event at Dubai World Trade Center, UAE, let’s have a chat and say hello to us at +971582588406


AgraME is the largest agriculture trade show in the Middle East gathers experts from around the world, yearly to share their experiences, innovations, and latest technologies. This event hosts more than 4000 visitors and 150 exhibitors from 30 countries.



Agriculture plays an important role in the large and rapidly growing population of most countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) since a dominant concern in this ever-increasing region is food security.

Agricultural technology provides solutions to help farmers globally with efficient farming and increasing crop production.

With our successful launch in the Middle East, we are aware of the great potential of sustainable and precision agriculture in this region. Since smart farming provides a way to produce more outputs with less or no inputs, it is able to support a growing population despite declining yields and arable land. We are honored to have success stories with farmers in the Middle East with increasing crop production and reducing input costs.


Cropinno participates in AgraME with its new platform and innovative features which are compatible with farmers’ needs around the world. Farmers can access different satellite indices, NDVI, contrasted NDVI, LAI, CHL, LCP, and CWC every 2 -5 days with new designs to make it more straightforward to detect each minimal change in fields’ status. If you are not an expert in interpreting and analysis of satellite imagery, do not worry since the Cropinno stress detection alert can analyze your fields regularly to detect the stress spots at the start point and inform you to take action before crop loss.


Let’s join us in this amazing event to shape the agriculture industry for a sustainable future.

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