8 Precision Agriculture Trends in 2024

8 Precision Agriculture Trends in 2024 Technological advancements in agriculture enable farmers to meet the ever-increasing demand through low-cost and efficient methods. To aid this, precision agriculture startups simplify farming management by measuring, responding, and observing the variability of crops and fields through precision agriculture equipment and software solutions. This article provides an overview of […]

“Revolutionizing Agriculture: Unleashing the Power of Crop Innovation with Cropinno”

Unleashing the Power of Crop Innovation with “Cropinno”

Agricultural innovations have contributed enormously to the transformation of Canada’s agriculture sector and have strengthened its competitive position internationally. Canada remains a global leader in agricultural innovation and technological development. Canada’s ag-tech market is witnessing a surge in collaboration among startups, research institutions, and industry experts. This collaborative ecosystem fosters the exchange of knowledge and […]

How did we get to modern agriculture?

How did we get to modern agriculture?

What is now known as modern agriculture was extraordinarily effective in supplying the world’s expanding population with food throughout the second part of the twentieth century. Primary crop yields, such as those of rice and wheat, grew considerably, food prices dropped, crop yield increases typically kept up with population expansion, and the segment of the population who […]

Satellite monitoring: From Growth Stages to the Best Corn Harvest Date

Identifying Best Corn Harvest Date

We began our journey, in Cropinno, with an idea to increase the efficiency of agricultural lands and hoping to assist farmers by implementing precision agriculture solutions that work with satellite imagery. Satellite remote sensing technology is able to obtain very useful information about the condition and growth of various agricultural products by sending and receiving […]

Introducing New Feature: Non-uniformity Detection

Non-uniformity Detection by Cropinno

Today, the space industry & its applications have found a significant role in many aspects of human life. The field of agriculture has also made significant progress due to the facilities and possibilities provided by satellites. Satellites equipped with remote-sensing abilities fly over any part of the earth at regular intervals, and by sending specific […]

Know More About: Leaf Area Index

Leaf Area Index

Many factors help determine the health and productivity of agriculture crops, one of them is the Leaf Area Index or LAI. the ratio of the area covered with the leaves of a plant or tree to the area of ​​its subsurface determines the amount of this index. Leaf Area is a key variable used for […]

The role of climate data in precision agriculture

The role of climate data in precision agriculture

First things first; Are you familiar enough with precision agriculture? Precision agriculture (farming) is a new definition in the field. Nowadays, the concern of increasing the yield of agricultural lands per unit area has led humans to use new methods in farm management, methods that will lead to optimizing input utilization, improving crop quality, improving […]

Satellite-based monitoring of irrigation water use

Satellite-based monitoring of irrigation water use

Agriculture is the main sectoral user of freshwater worldwide, currently accounting for 70 percent of all freshwater withdrawals globally (and an even higher share of “consumptive water use” due to the evapotranspiration of crops), so how do we control the numbers and make agriculture more sustainable? Population grows, so does the needs? Food supply chain […]