Farming in Metaverse!

farming in metaverse

Plant it in Metaverse, Harvest it in the real world.”

Reading or hearing such phrase may still seem a little strange, partly surreal, and somehow ridiculous, but in a future that’s apparently much closer to us than we think, there will probably be a lot to do in “metaverse”, a virtual version of our universe in which we do stuff and receive feedback in the real world. Above all can you imagine farming in metaverse?! Let’s start with where it all started:

Call me by my new name “Meta”

Recently, the popular company Facebook announced that from now on we should call it Meta and try to get used to this name change; Regardless of how much this helps the IT giant to put behind the controversies it has gone through in recent years (espionage, fake news, manipulation, etc.), the main goal is to share its vision for future decades with us: The Metaverse or a world beyond our present world!

Metaverse is the Internet, except that we will live in it: we work, have fun, learn, create new things and make our dreams come true in the metaverse. In this digital universe, anything will be possible: doing anything, seeing anything, traveling to any corner of the world at any time you want; And, of course, engaging in any profession. The world of Metaverse will not only be Meta’s (or the former Facebook), but the result of the joint efforts of all the influential super companies and institutions that will somehow contribute to the creation of this new world: Microsoft, Apple, Disney, Bitcoin, Roblox, Nvidia and …

At all, we want to discover, how farming in metaverse can become possible? 

Good morning, Metaverse!

Well, how is this new world that everyone these days is talking about supposed to be a new period in our lives as human beings? Let’s go with a familiar example: a normal day in a farmer’s life.

It is 6 o’clock in the morning and Mr. Sinclair, who is a mid-scale farmer, wakes up like every other day. The alarm goes off (the hologram of a rooster singing its morning tune). After washing his face, he goes downstairs to the kitchen to start his day with a cup of coffee. His eldest daughter also comes to the kitchen, says good morning, takes a bite for breakfast, and says goodbye to her father for going to college in Metaverse in her own room! She goes to the Faculty of Natural Resources Management at Lakehead University. The young girl puts her virtual reality goggles on and gets herself immersed in the role of her avatar, which is an exact copy of her. She chooses the clothes for her character in this virtual world and enters the classroom. Rose is studying for a master’s degree in management and control of deserts, and her professor is Mr. Rogers (an avatar of Mr. Rogers, actually.)

Tom, Mr. Sinclair’s son, wakes up half an hour later than the others. His customized alarm is a hologram of his favorite artist who appears every day at 6:30: “Good morning, dear Tom! Today is going to be your best day yet!”. Tom, unlike his sister, was not interested in going to university, so he chose the business to buy and sell digital art (as NFTs) and trade virtual properties as his full-time job. Today, he is scheduled to meet with a Spanish investment delegation in Metaverse regarding the transfer of a business unit located somewhere near the digital city of Vancouver, so he puts his VR goggles on, turns on the simultaneous English / Spanish translator, and goes to Metaverse to attend the meeting.

Mrs. Sinclair too has already woken up; after preparing breakfast for everyone in the real world, she puts her VR goggles on to immediately appear in her public yoga class. She has been attending these yoga sessions for two months, and since she has good effort, she has been able to lose a few pounds in an almost short period of time (both in the real world and as her virtual avatar).

Mr. Sinclair himself is the only one who has to leave home for his tasks, after all he is a farmer! He gets into his new truck (a self-driving ford) so that the automatic driving system can take him to the field. On the way, he puts his VR goggles on to talk to his trusted fertilizer supplier in Metaverse as he is en route to the farm. He suddenly finds himself in a digital office in front of the vendor. They talk about the previous season’s harvest and land performance estimations for the next season and work on their contract to supply agricultural inputs by comparing the data provided by Cropinno (probably a compatible version of our software for Metaverse). Then, they say goodbye, and Mr. Sinclair takes the virtual reality goggles off only to see that he has reached the farm.

Round trip into the Metaverse

Until the end of the day, the farmer often travels back and forth to Metaverse to do various tasks and then return to the real world. Before noon, by putting the VR goggles on, he heads to the virtual office of a seed company in Switzerland to select the type of seed to be used in the upcoming season, as a simulated preview of crop growth stages is presented to him. He puts the goggles on later in the afternoon to go to one of the well-known restaurants in the area in a blink of an eye, to order his lunch after choosing it from the 3D menu of many meals. Around 5 pm, according to a previous schedule, he visits the office of a business team located in Italy to discuss the export of his crop products, following the conversation they have already had. At the end of the day, as he sits in the car to return home automatically, Mr. Sinclair decides to rest & relax while spending time at a tropical beach of his choice, enjoying the beautiful immersive view that Metaverse puts in front of him…

What extraordinary events should we look forward to in this new emerging world? One may not know for sure yet, but what is clear is that Metaverse, or the meta universe, will make a significant impact on our daily lives in the near future, creating an opportunity to overcome many of the temporal and spatial constraints of the real world and do the impossible. Obviously, Metaverse will be full of new experiences, so let us prepare ourselves to enter & adapt with this new world.

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