Know More About: Leaf Area Index

Leaf Area Index

Many factors help determine the health and productivity of agriculture crops, one of them is the Leaf Area Index or LAI. the ratio of the area covered with the leaves of a plant or tree to the area of ​​its subsurface determines the amount of this index. Leaf Area is a key variable used for […]

“Exact Harvest Date” The date you should never forget!

Exact Harvest Date

In a modern agriculture era, it is crucial to know the best harvest time for different types of crops; Especially in the case of seed products such as sesame and rapeseed, in which seeds may not all mature at the same time. The “exact harvest date” is when the plant is no longer growing and […]

The role of climate data in precision agriculture

The role of climate data in precision agriculture

First things first; Are you familiar enough with precision agriculture? Precision agriculture (farming) is a new definition in the field. Nowadays, the concern of increasing the yield of agricultural lands per unit area has led humans to use new methods in farm management, methods that will lead to optimizing input utilization, improving crop quality, improving […]