A Farmer Story: Early Detection of Aphid Infestation & Improving Wheat Yield

Detection of Stress Induced by Aphid

There is no doubt that the agriculture career is full of both predictable and unpredictable challenges, and there are cases in which significant plant damage and reduced crop productivity can only prevent if the issue is addressed in a timely manner. Early detection of potential plant stresses in a field is one of the most […]

Introducing New Feature: Non-uniformity Detection

Non-uniformity Detection by Cropinno

Today, the space industry & its applications have found a significant role in many aspects of human life. The field of agriculture has also made significant progress due to the facilities and possibilities provided by satellites. Satellites equipped with remote-sensing abilities fly over any part of the earth at regular intervals, and by sending specific […]

“Exact Harvest Date” The date you should never forget!

Exact Harvest Date

In a modern agriculture era, it is crucial to know the best harvest time for different types of crops; Especially in the case of seed products such as sesame and rapeseed, in which seeds may not all mature at the same time. The “exact harvest date” is when the plant is no longer growing and […]